Old carriages or new cars, which is more elegant?
Cigar or cigarette? A quote from Guillermo Cabrera Infante, " cigarettes are the perverse opposite of cigars: cigars are long, cigarette's short, one dark, the other white, cigar fat, cigarette slim. Cigars smell strong, cigarettes are perfumed; cigarettes are for the lips but cigars for the mouth and teeth. Cigarettes never go out and burn down to the very end, while cigars seem to go on forever. Cigars are the big boys, cigarettes feminine like jewels; cigarettes are for chain smoking, cigars have to be enjoyed individually, in absolute leisure. Cigarettes belong to the moment, cigars to eternity".
La Bodeguita del Medio     

The Bodeguita del Medio
is well known outside Cuba, far less for the quality of the drinks, which taste better elsewhere, but what it's really known for and what actually draws the tourists is Hemmingway's spirit, alive and well within these walls. The atmosphere is very ethnic and it's worth visiting for a cool beer or a cocktail, when it's not brimming full.
Empedrado No. 207, Habana Vieja
La Torre     


The view over the rooftops of Havana is exceptional and such a vantage point can be enjoyed in Havana's highest building. The Club La Torre, former meeting place for Havana's VIP's in the 50s, functions today as a restaurant and bar. From the 35th floor one has a panoramic view, a photographer's delight! The cocktails are excellent and the restaurant, with its French Chef-de Cuisine, is regarded as one of the best in the city. Cigars are available but they are pricey in comparison to the shops.
Calle 17 und M, Vedado
     La Zorra y el Cuervo
'The' Club for Latin Jazz in Havana. Concerts are held here several times a week, occasionally with guest musicians like George Benson or Dizzy Gillespie who have been here. World class Latin Jazz - concerts from local groups are highly recommended. With the rhythm of 'Latin Beat' and a good cigar, Jazz lovers will be in their element.
Calle 23 zwischen N und O, Vedado
Latin Jazz
Hostal Valencia     

One of the most beautiful courtyards of the city sets this backdrop and the musicians who perform here daily spread around that thing known simply as good vibrations! It is a good place to sit and enjoy a drink or even partake in a Paella in the restaurant, known for its spanish cuisine. Situated on the first floor, Bar Nostalgia, a former meeting place for local Cuban artists, is open evenings. The small, well hidden cigar shop on the right hand side of the patio - that's easy to miss, has your emergency supplies!
Oficios No. 53 Ecke Obrapía, Habana Vieja>


     Conde de Villanueva Hostal del Habano

Highly suitable for Aficionados, this hotel houses one of the most remarkable Casas del Habano. After a stroll in the old city, the hotel's inner courtyard, with its pictures and paintings of cigars, is quietly refreshing . The cigar shop on the first floor has an excellent assortment and is run by genuine experts in this field.
Mercaderes No. 202 Ecke Lamparilla, Habana Vieja

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