PALACIO DEL TABACO fábrica la corona

In the largest cigar factory in Havana there is a beautiful shop that also offers a stock of single cigars availabe for purchase. The choice is good and in the small bar in the main shop, one can indulge in new samples with a tasty coffee or rum. The fabric, a former well-known theatre, offers daily tours to learn about the process of cigar making.
Fábrica La Corona, Agramonte No. 106 between Colón and Refugio, Habana Vieja, phone: 33 83 89

Casa del Ron
Rum and cigars are offered in this order by the shop on the first level and its not comparable with your regular cigar shop. Actually, here you can purchase your cigars together with Havana's largest assortment of rum. If you can't find it elsewhere, you'll come across them here, Cuba's top rum brands:
Matusalem Anejo Superior, Havana Club Superior, the Cristobal brand and other specialties.
Obispo Ecke Montserrate, Habana Vieja, phone: 33 89 11
     LA CASA DEL TABACO museo del tabaco

Casa del Tabaco

The old cigar shop is a good starting point for cigar lovers and tourists strolling around the old part of the city. The main aorta of Habana Vieja, the Calle Obispo, is very close and leads to this small gem of a shop. The shop itself is relatively small and the range is limited compared to other Casas, but the well
informed staff are very helpful and the prices are generally lower here than other shops. The tobacco museum is one level up and exhibits art on the history of tobacco and cigar culture.
Museo del Tabaco, Mercaderes corner of Obrapía, Habana Vieja.
H. Upmann

     LA CASA DEL TABACO vedado

H. Upmann
The best range and the most frequented shop in Vedado, you'll find it to the right of the entrance to the Hotel Habana Libre and it is cost-wise a better deal than other shops. The atmosphere is more reserved than the beautiful old shops in the cigar factories, but the friendliness of the staff is well on par and if you are looking for a shop in Vedado, this one has a large and good assortment.
Hotel Habana Libre, Vedado.