We recommend staying at the following hotels in Havana and Santiago de Cuba which stand out in this particular price category because of their history, architecture, location or services offered. If you look for an ideal city and beach combination in the proximity of Havana, the hotels at the Playas del Este provide beautiful beaches for your relaxation.

Hotels Havana

The hotels we offer you in Havana reflect in most cases their city's history and will captivate you with their flair and gracious architecture. Start with a trip back in time in a domicile, which drew such personalities as Enrico Caruso, Ava Gardner, Winston Churchill, Hemmingway, or Al Capone. Some houses were palaces for nobility in past epochs or the ruling houses of wealthy trade families. These were later restored with great care and are now open for their guests to enjoy.

Hotel Florida in Cuba
Hotel Florida in Cuba

Hotel Florida

Location: In the center of the old city region where you have all the notable sightseeing places at arm's length. This building, built in 1836, initially as a mansion for aristocrats of the city, was opened as a hotel in 1885. Captivating! With its beautiful colonial architecture, the tasteful spirit of 19th century nobility permeates modern hotel business.
Amenities: 4 stars, restaurant, Piano bar, bar in patio, souvenir shop, meeting hall, email, fax service, parking lot, laundry, medical help
Rooms: Spacious, bath/toilet, shower, air condition, telephone, satellite TV, mini bar, room-safe, room service, 110V
Catering: Breakfast, half board
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