We recommend staying at the following hotels in Havana and Santiago de Cuba which stand out in this particular price category because of their history, architecture, location or services offered. If you look for an ideal city and beach combination in the proximity of Havana , the hotels at the Playas del Este provide beautiful beaches for your relaxation.

Hotels Havana

The hotels we offer you in Havana reflect in most cases their city's history and will captivate you with their flair and gracious architecture. Start with a trip back in time in a domicile, which drew such personalities as Enrico Caruso, Ava Gardner, Winston Churchill, Hemmingway, or Al Capone. Some houses were palaces for nobility in past epochs or the ruling houses of wealthy trade families. These were later restored with great care and are now open for their guests to enjoy.

Hotel Inglaterra in Cuba

Hotel Inglaterra

Location: Directly on the border of the old city opposite Parque Central, in the close proximity of many places of interest. Opened in 1875, it has had several face lifts and still maintains that quintessential charm. It housed former guests of state and crime author Graham Greene introduced his readers to this gem in one of his novels. The terrace with cafeteria and bar in front of the hotel is one of the best places to observe the bustle from Parque Central and is regularly frequented by music groups who will charm you with their magical rhythms of the Son music.
Amenities: 3,5 stars, restaurant with national and international cuisine, several bars, car rental.
Rooms: Bath/toilet, shower, air condition, telephone, sat. TV
Catering: Breakfast
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Hotel Inglaterra in Cuba

Situated opposite the Parque Central, at one of the main junctions of Old Havana, you'll find one of the city's most famous and traditional hotels - first opened in 1875. The charm of this epochal beauty is apparent in the numerous details, like the neo-classic facade, colorful stained glass, detailed ceiling embellishments and Moorish style mosaic tiling.

The charm of the Belle Epoque can be seen on many buildings with neo-classique fašades, colourful lead-glass windows, meticulous elaborated ceiling adornments and tile mosaics in moorish style. The lobby and especially the restaurant are lavishly equiped with these tiles.

Hotel Inglaterra in Cuba

MEETING PLACE TERRACE The hotel's terrace is a popular meeting place where one can watch the colorful bustle on the streets with a Mojito in hand, or swing to the rhythm of the Son music played by musicians on the terrace. We recommend a visit to the roof terrace, there is an imposing view to be had, amongst the ornaments and figures of Parque Central and the Gran Teatro next to it.