We recommend selected hotels for your stay in Havana and Santiago de Cuba which have been chosen because of their history, architecture, location or services offered. If you want an ideal city/beach combination, the hotels at the Playas del Este provide beautiful beaches for your relaxation.

Hotels Havana

The hotels we offer you in Havana reflect in most cases their city's history and will captivate you with their flair and gracious architecture. Start with a trip back in time in a domicile, which drew such personalities as Enrico Caruso, Ava Gardner, Winston Churchill, Hemmingway, or Al Copone. Some houses were palaces for nobility in past epochs or the ruling houses of wealthy trade families. These were later restored with great care and are now open for guests to enjoy.

Hotel Nacional in Cuba

Hotel Nacional

Location: Directly at the Malecon waterfront in the city region Vedado, close to numerous shops, restaurants and clubs. Opened in 1930 and restored and modernized in 1992 at the cost of 64 million dollars.
Amenities: 4,5 stars, many restaurants and bars, shops, banks and post office, travel agent, car rental services, fitness club, two of the best pools in Havana and an enormous garden area. An entire floor is dedicated to business travelers with full office services available in an area covering 61 rooms and two suites. Translation services, mobile phone rental, email, it's all available. In-house Cabaret Parisian goes tropical with the hottest show in the city besides the Tropicana!
Rooms: Spacious, bath/toilet, shower, air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, mini bar, room-safe , 24 hr room service.
Catering: Breakfast buffet with extensive menu

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Hotel Nacional in Cuba
Hotel Nacional in Cuba

TRADITION On December 30, 1930, celebrating with an enormous gala in Havana, the Hotel Nacional opened and is still today the drawing card for famous travelers from the Arts, Science and Politics. One of the first celebrities was Buster Keaton, the legendary silent film star. Winston Churchill, whose preference for a particular type of cigar created the term "Churchill", was also a guest at this establishment. The list of illustrious VIP's is long and nowadays one can still spot a famous face amongst the guests. For those who enjoy stylish elegance and comfort, the Nacional is the best address in the city.

Hotel Nacional in Cuba

AMBIENTE The spacious garden, more like a park, invites guests to enjoy the scenery from the elegant, colonial style designed terrace and bar whilst peacocks stroll across the meadow. Sipping at your cocktail or enjoying a Cuban cigar adds to the pleasure of listening to the regular Live-Music being played. Hint: try the refreshing, alcohol-free Café Granizado.

GASTRONOMIE The hotel has several restaurants, bars and snack bars offering gastronomically a first class breakfast buffet, with both hot and cold, local and international dishes. We recommend the superb restaurant "Comedor de Aguiar" which offers an extensive assortment of hand picked exclusive European and International wines.

Hotel Nacional in Cuba

SPORTS AND RELAXATION Two hotel pools provide relaxation from the hustel and bustle of the city. The sports oriented guest is invited to use the tennis court and the nearby coastline promenade allows for miles of jogging with a scenic view of Havana.

CABARET PARISIEN Located in the hotel, the Cabaret Parisien is famous for its excellent, lively and sparkling exotic show.