We recommend selected hotels for your stay in Havana and Santiago de Cuba which have been chosen because of their history, architecture, location or services offered. If you want an ideal city/beach combination, the hotels at the Playas del Este provide beautiful beaches for your relaxation.

Hotels Havana

The hotels we offer you in Havana reflect in most cases their city's history and will captivate you with their flair and gracious architecture. Start with a trip back in time in a domicile, which drew such personalities as Enrico Caruso, Ava Gardner, Winston Churchill, Hemmingway, or Al Copone. Some houses were palaces for nobility in past epochs or the ruling houses of wealthy trade families. These were later restored with great care and are now open for guests

Hotel Saratoga in Cuba - Kuba

Hotel Saratoga in Cuba - Kuba

Hotel saratoga

Location: in the old city across from the Capitolio and the Parque de la Fraternidad. Rooftop with a swimming pool and bar has a spectacular view.
Facilities: 5 Stars, 96 rooms (2 wheelchair accessible rooms), 7 suites (3 Prado, 2 Capitolio, 2 Havana), a la carte-restaurant, 2 bars, pool-bar, swimming pool, towels, poolside recliners and sun umbrellas, gym, spa, conference rooms, car rental, parking, money exchange, souvenir shop, internet, 24 hr room service, laundry
Room: Bathroom, shower, hairdryer, AC, telephone, mini-bar, satellite TV, DVD player, safe, 110/220V
Suite: in addition to room: express check-in/check-out, flexible check-in/check-out times, welcome cocktail, breakfast in bed at request, express laundry service, national papers, free internet access, conference room rental discount
Prado Suite Duplex: Suite plus.. 75m2, bedroom and bathroom located on the second floor of the suite with a view on the living area on the lower level, balcony with a very beautiful view of Havana.
Capitolio Suite: Suite plus.. 60 m2, large bedroom and living space, with a view of the Capitolio
Habana Suite: Suite plus, 100m2, very elegant, high rooms, large bedroom, dressing room and bar area, balcony, and excellent view of the city.
Boarding: ample breakfast buffet, half-board
Tip: The rooftop terrace is suited to accommodate wedding receptions of up to 60 guests. The hotel has the exclusive right to carry out wedding ceremonies in the Capitolio.
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