We recommend selected hotels for your stay in Havana and Santiago de Cuba which have been chosen because of their history, architecture, location or services offered. If you want an ideal city/beach combination, the hotels at the Playas del Este provide beautiful beaches for your relaxation.

Hotels Havana

The hotels we offer you in Havana reflect in most cases their city's history and will captivate you with their flair and gracious architecture. Start with a trip back in time in a domicile, which drew such personalities as Enrico Caruso, Ava Gardner, Winston Churchill, Hemmingway, or Al Copone. Some houses were palaces for nobility in past epochs or the ruling houses of wealthy trade families. These were later restored with great care and are now open for guests to enjoy.

Hotel Sevilla

Location: in the old city at Prado, the boulevard from Parque Central to Malecon esplanade; only a few minutes by foot to the points of interest in the colonial old city
Facilities: 4 stars, 178 rooms, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, bar/cafeteria in the gorgeous inner courtyard, swimming pool in the garden enclosure, fitness room, massage, sauna, conference hall, car rental, diverse shops, fax, internet
Room: bathroom, shower, AC, telephone, mini bar, satellite TV, rental safe
Boarding: breakfast, half-board
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Hotel Sevilla in Cuba I Kuba
Hotel Sevilla in Cuba - Kuba

Hotel Sevilla, first opened in 1908 as “Gran Hotel Sevilla”, it became one of the most popular locations of its time, offering an, at the time unknown luxury, when privy to hotel Sevilla 1908. The architect Antonio and Rogelio Rodriguez, impressed by the famous Patio of Lions in the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, created a building, modeled after the Moors’ arcades, columns and mosaics and halved the hotel such, across Cuba’s coast and to its glory. When the Don Amletto Battisti y Lora mafia family took over the then, Sevilla Biltmore hotel in 1939, and invested in the construction and renovation, the Sevilla Biltmore quickly became Havana’s high society and underworld meeting point.
STARS & MAFIA: Josephine Baker performed at the Casino Roof Garden – the Gourmet Restaurant today – as did Enrico Caruso, Italian opera star, and the heavyweight champion Joe Luis, mystery novelist Georges Simenon, Ernesto Lecuona, one of the best known Cuban composers and the King of Mambo, Perez Prado.
The underworld was also well represented here:
Al Capone and his bodyguards rented out the whole 7th floor and Santos Trafficante, who led one of the most powerful mafia families, lived here for two years. The Roof Garden and the patio bar, El Sevillano, the set of exotic shows and performances by stars of its time, are silent witnesses to Sevilla’s past rocked in turbulence.

Hotel Sevilla in Cuba I Kuba