Santiago de Cuba in Cuba’s eastern Orient and on the Sierra Maestra mountain range, is known as the home of afro-Cuban music, dance, and magic. The Son spread out from here at around the time that the great landowner Facundo Barardi, founded a rum factory in the late 18th century. Santiago later made its mark in history when a lawyer’s son, Fidel Castro started a revolution and in 1959 as the new leader, gave orders to storm Havana.

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You can still feel an aura of the past and the tranquility of the Santiagueros in contrast to Havana’s hustle and bustle. Santiago is a good starting point for all sorts of daytrips in the area. One of the closest destinations is the Basilica del Cobre, the pilgrimage church, which the pope also visited during his stay in Cuba – a new chapter in the cities long history.

la gran piedra

Location: at 1225 m above sea level, it is the most elevated hotel in Cuba
Facilities: 2 stars, 22 rooms, restaurant, bar, cafeteria, tourist information, souvenir shop, hiking trips
Room: bathroom, telephone, satellite TV, mini bar, in-room safe
Boarding: breakfast, half-board
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Villa Gran Piedra in Cuba - Kuba

The friendly mountain hotel is a true paradise which seems to be frozen in time with its giant fern, moist forests and rare birds like the zunzún (Chlorostilbon ricordii ricordii) and the Cubatodi.
The hotel is located in Parque Nacional Gran Piedra (Great Rock), which is part of Gran Parque Baconao natural reserve. Its name was derived from a great boulder, which crowns the top of a high mountain in Sierra Maestra to the east of Santiago de Cuba. One of the world’s largest natural Monoliths introduces visitors to an impressive landscape and even the Blue Mountains of Jamaica are visible with clear skies.

Villa Gran Piedra in Cuba - Kuba