tourist card


Your tourist card permits a stay of up to 30 days and is stamped with your arrival date on entry. Please note that you must fill out the card with capital letters and do not change or cross out any of the wording. This could lead to requiring a new card and possible hassle on arrival. The card must be presented with your air ticket at departure.
Journalists, visitors on business, photographers etc. need a specific visa, which only can be obtained by a Cuban Embassy.

Tourist cards do not expire and can be used at a later date for entry. Tourist Cards can not be returned.

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When booking travel arrangements you can order your Tourist Card with us. The price of sale is EUR 28,00 plus shipping costs by DHL. Order by e-mail.

NOTE: We do not need copies of your passport, air ticket or travel health insurance as proof.

WITHOUT BOOKING your travel arrangements with us, we also send out Tourist Cards by post (Europe) or DHL (Europe, Worldwide):

- starting at 3x Tourist Cards EUR 28,00 per card
- 2x Tourist Cards EUR 35,00 per card
- 1x Tourist Card EUR 40,00

- Postal services Europe EUR 12,00
- DHL Express European Union EUR 58,00
- DHL Express Rest of Europe, Canada, Mexico EUR 65,00
- DHL Express Worldwide EUR 82,00