All of Havana contributes to that marvelous cinematic backdrop, on 'original' location, that lets you really experience the full enjoyment of a Habano cigar. It's a lot of fun to roam through the city streets, the new districts, to visit points of interest and to repeatedly discover new spots that deem suitable for taking a pause to sit down and draw slowly on a Habano cigar. A mojito or a daiquiri for cooling refreshment, while Cuban music plays in the background, now this is the ideal basis for the aromatic, rich Robusto Serie D from Partagas or a newcomer like the Gran Corona La Fuerza from San Cristobal.
We wish to introduce and invite you to our favorite places where you will discover something new for yourself and, at the same time, enjoy the Havana atmosphere. Remember to bring your cigars with you. With the exception of cigar shops and their smoker's lounges and a few restaurants - where the prices can escalate- cigars are not necessarily available everywhere.
     Casa del Habano Fabrica de Partagas


The cosy smoker's lounge that one enters through at door at the back of the shop is without doubt a place where aficionados feel at home. The shop sells single cigars, even Cohibas, overall there is not a large assortment but one can sit down and sample the latest on the cigar market. Aficionados from all over the world are guests here and its the easy congenial atmosphere that draws you into friendly conversations.
Industria No. 520 between Dragones and Barcelona, Habana Vieja.

     Hotel Nacional


Screen stars from the past like, Ava Gardner and Errol Flynn, great men like Winston Churchill and the Duke of Winsor considered the Nacional within their domicile. Today it is still so, alongside business professionals and tourists, well known faces from high society can be seen here. It's no wonder, you come here to feel like it's the 1930s, when the grand opening of this imposing building was considered a starting platform for the ensuing decades of stars, politicians and the Mafia. The trail of cigar smoke does clear as you enter the hotel's garden terrace. Take in the view of the garden and Havana bay while the barman mixes you a formidable cocktail!
Calle O corner of 21, Vedado
     El Floridita


Hemingway's local joint
, where you can still go to get one of his daiquiris mixed for you, this place has not lost yesterday's aura. Its ambience comes from the surrounding elegance that both the bar and restaurant embody, much today as it did yesterday. The bartenders are in a class of their own when it comes to cocktails. Unfortunately it's very popular here with the tourists but undoubtedly worth a visit.