The capital city Havana gleams with a row of extraordinarily well-stocked cigar shops and for an aficionado there is nothing quite like purchasing and enjoying a cigar in Havana itself.
The famous brands like Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey, Ramon Allones, Bolivar, the complete range of Cohibas - that only a few selected shops stock world wide - are all here for the cigar lover in the Casa el Habano. The city meanwhile has more than 30 shops in which cigars are offered, but the choice and accompanying service varies, as does the personnel's knowledge of cigars. We made our choice after taking all of the above criteria into account.
We want to show you the best shops here so that you are prepared for your visit. We'll cover some bars and places where you can go with your "personal smoke signal" to experience the real Havana feeling.
     LA CASA DEL HABANO fábrica partagas

In the beautiful old buildings of the cigar plant, Partagas, situated behind the Capitolio, you'll find the most renowned and popular cigar shop in Havana. Because of the numerous tourists that pass through the factory and surrounding area, the manager, Abel Diaz, constantly checks that everything is in stock for his customers and that the staff are well informed about cigars in general. There is always a stock of single cigars available for purchase, so that you can sample the wares.
At the end of the shops is an entrance to a cozy cigar bar where you'll meet cigar 'aficionados' from all over the world.
Fábrica Partagas, Industria No. 520 between Dragones and Barcelona, Habana Vieja, phone: 33 80 60
     LA CASA DEL HABANO conde de villanueva

There is a cigar shop on the first level of the Hotel Conde de Villanueva; the entire theme is cigar based and is known as the Hostel del Habano. The shop boasts selected staff with sound knowledge, expertise and last, but not least, a well selected assortment of cigars.
The manager, Alberto Mendoza Mirabel, is one of the undisputed authorities on cigars in Havana. There is a smoker's lounge in the shop with a view of the well-stocked cigar display cases and lockable cigar boxes for regular customers.
This shop receives more and more attention from aficionados and until now, keeps its high standard of quality.
Hotel Conde de Villanueva, Mercaderes No. 202 corner of Lamparilla, Habana Vieja, phone: 62 92 93, 62 96 82

     LA CASA DEL TABACO club habana

Club Havana

The Casa in Club Havana is located outside the city center, in the direction of Marina Hemingway, in Miramar. The Club Habana offers the ultimate ambient in all that concerns cigars. The business is overseen by Havana's most experienced cigar dealer, Enrique Mons, in a very exclusive area.
Housed in the former Havana Biltmore Yacht and Country Club, founded in 1928 and now fully restored, no expense or effort has been spared to attract business professionals and VIPs as clientele.
The cigar shop offers their clientele private boxes to store cigars, as well as a smoker's lounge and restaurant.
Club Habana, 5ta Avenida 188-192, Playa, phone: 24 57 00


     LA CASA DEL HABANO miramar


Atmosphere of the aficionado and due to the distance from the city center, this club is frequented by hard-core genuine 'aficionados'. The manager, Pedro Gonzalez, is always happy to assist and recommend cigars and keeps a stock pile of good aged cigars. The smoker's lounge and bar are very beautiful and tempt you to stay that bit longer.
5ta Avenida corner of 16, Miramar, phone: 24 11 85

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