It is a unique experience to spend one's vacation on a horse ranch. Watch the Cuban Vaqueros (cowboys) do their work and discover Cuba's rather unknown side on horseback, far away from tourist trails. Explore the gorgeous landscape of Pinar del Río and the tobacco plantations around the piqturesque Valley of Viñales.

Riding in Cuba In seven days you will discover one of the most beautiful scenic regions of Cuba on horseback. The rides begin at the Finca Guabina which is countrywide known for its horse breeding. During unforgettable excursions, horse and nature lovers will experience equitation, nature, and people of this region.

Finca Guabina

The ranch is famous for its high-class horse breeding and offers the opportunity to watch professionals interacting with horses and see mounted cowboys working with cattle. The horse races in Cuba are the Apaloosa and the Pinto Cubano. The horses have a smaller figure and are persistent. You will appreciate this when you ride your reliable partner when the way leads along a mountain path which requires a good feeling for balance.

1st Day - Arrival and reception in Pinar del Río

Arriving in Pinar del Río you will be welcomed by our guide who will bring you to your accommodation at the Finca Guabina. Once the luggage is put away, your guide will wait for you to show you the stables and the facilities within the Finca. The afternoon agenda includes your first ride to nearby surroundings. You can acclimate yourself to the horses and your guide is at your disposal. The dinner will be served every evening at the Finca. You will enjoy the Cuban cuisine.

2nd - 4th Day - Mountain ranges, valleys, forests, and waterfalls

The region Pinar del Río offers numerous scenic highlights. Mountain ranges and narrow valleys are crossed by brooks and rivers with waterfalls in the midst of lush green forests. After breakfast on the second day you will ride to Hoyo del Guama. Arriving at a mountainous landscape you will be rewarded with a rest at the river Rio Los Pozos with its stunning waterfall. After lunch (a guide will bring packed lunches to all rides) you will ride back to the Finca. During the following days the guide will lead you to the forest realm Cayo Grande and the Valley Isabel Maria. You will savor the fresh air and the fragrance of the plants riding along an immense variety of trees, bushes, wild orchids, and ferns. The King's Palm Tree, a Cuban landmark, can be seen along the way and the landsmen's Bohios, which are cabins with roofs made of palmleaves, blend in harmonically with the landscape. With your guide you will get to know the people that live here. You will visit families who own rural bakeries or peasants that take care of tabacoo plantations. You will marvel over the cordiality of the habitants who often live under basic circumstances.

5th Day - Explore the Finca Guabina

Today you can relax after the excursions of the last days. After breakfast you can explore the Finca. Maybe you'll have the opportunity to help out the cowboys!

Riding in Cuba

6th - 7th Day - Aguas Claras and the picturesque Valley of Viñales

On these two days the rides will lead to Aguas Claras and the dam Jibaro. Our other highlight will be the Valley of Viñales. On horseback you will traverse the typical pine forests in the mountainous foothills of the Alturas Pizzarosas. This region is especially valued by ornithologists because it gives very good opportunities to watch bird species like the Cuban Trogon, the Cuban Carta, the Pine Trush, and the nightingale. The will call your attention to the habitants of the airs and trees and will give you many details and information about the flora and fauna. The great attraction in the Valley of Viñales are the Mogotes, precipitous rock cones made of lime stone, which can be up to 400 meters high. Framed by fields, tabacoo plantations and red clay soil an unique contrast to the blue sky can be admired. Many farmers of this region are tobacco planters. The guide will gladly show you some of the tobacoo dry houses which were build to sort and dry tobacoo leaves. If you like you can test the most original way of smoking a cigar: a freshly rolled, relatively loose leaf, which is cut at the ends will permit you the pleasure of tasting pure tobacoo, once lighted. On festive days sometimes rooster fights are held in the hamlets of Pinar del Rio. But for equitation enthusiasts rodeos at the Finca Guabina or oder granges are organized. You shouldn't miss it! A visit to the dreamy village of Viñales will let you experience the calmness and peace in our fast-paced world. It appears that the time here is measured by a puff of a cigar.

8th Day - Parting from the Finca, its residents, and horses

Today is the day to say farewell to the Finca, its resdidents and the embosomed horses. After a hearty breakfast a staff member will bring you to the bus stop in Pinar del Rio, from where the bus goes to Havana. Your mind will be enriched thanks to the abundance of new impressions and intensive experiences with the horses, nature and the habitants of this enchanting region.

Code Season Price in EURO
Low Season
RC01 01.03.-14.07, 25.08.-21.12. 655
High Season
RC02 15.07.-24.08., 22.12.-28.02. 695
  Single Supplement 75

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> The rides can commence on any date except on national holidays: 01/01; 05/01; 07/26; 10/10; 12/25
> Included service: Reception and transfer to Pinar der Rio
> Accommodation in the Finca Guabina, full board
> Rides and excursions according to the program
> English-speaking guide
> Minimum age: 16 years, riding experience is required; this trip is not recommended for beginners
> Important notice: adequate riding clothes and riding shoes/boots should be brought along
> Price fot transfer Havana - Pinar del Rio USD 12,00 one-way, click to bus connections
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