During the years many interesting contacts have been formed that inform us about the background and current happenings of places. This can be anything from the organization of the Jazz festival in Havana, the National Cigar Manufacturer, the Carnival in Havana and top international music acts to small local dance and music groups, artists from film and television, Cuban record companies and last, but definitely not least, our selected partners in tourism.

This will bear result in qualified travel arrangements whether it be individuals or groups. The range of services grows constantly, so more and more interesting offers are being made available.

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Cuba Startravel

Totally fascinated by Cuba, CUBA STAR TRAVEL was conceived by entrepreneur and owner Mario Claus after taking frequent trips to Middle America, South America and the Caribbean.

The beauty of the country, the friendliness of its people, the high level of education and the arts reveal a country which, still being exempt from mass tourism, offers unspoiled regions, coastlines and marine fauna. This has been the deciding factor to help others to participate and cherish this way of life.

Restless, always on the lookout for something new, whether in the Havana metropolis or surrounding regions, he uses this tendency to optimize the performance of CUBA STAR TRAVEL and to supply the clients with updated, fresh information.

For some friends and customers a little taste of "Our Man from Havana", this is not about spying but about obtaining current, at hand information that usually only trickles out of other information services. At CUBA STAR TRAVEL your journey starts with the click of a mouse.