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We ask for your patience if, as it sometimes happens, an address changes after publication of this list.
We attempt to keep our listing up to date. The area code for Havana is: +53-7-number

Official Directory...


International and Domestic airlines are situated at Avenida 23 between P u. Infanta, Vedado: Air France, Aero Caribbean, Aeroflot, Aero Gaviota, Aerocaribe, Aom, Cubana, Iberia, Ltu, Mexicana, Air Jamaica im Hotel Melia Cohiba

International Jose Marti de la Habana
Info-Phone: 335666, 264644, 263133
Internacional Juan Gualberto Gomez de Varadero
Info-Phone: 612133, 613016

Farmacia Internacional - International Pharmacy
Calle 20 corner Avenida 41, Playa, ph.: 245051

Clinica Central Cira Garcia - International Clinic
Calle 20 No. 4101corner Avenida 41, Playa, ph.: 242811till -14, 242660, fax 241633 (Emergency 24 hour Service)

Clinica Internacional de Varadero - International Clinic
1ra Ave. y Calle 61, ph.: 567710, 667711

Clinica Internacional - International Clinic
Avenida de Las Terrazas between Calle 8 and 10, Santa Maria del Mar, La Habana del Este

Centro de Tarjetas de Credito - Central Credit Card Bureau
Hotel Habana Libre, Avenida 23 between L u. M, Vedado,
ph.: 334444, fax 334001 - Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Diners Club, Access, Carnet, Banamex

Consultoría Jurídica Internacional - Interantional Legal Chambers
Calle 16 No. 314 between 3 and 5. Avenida, Miramar, Playa
ph.: 242490, 242697 fax 242303, 249469

Cámara de Comercio - Chamber of Commerce
Calle 21 und A No. 661, Vedado, ph.: 304436, 303356

Exhibition Centers
PABEXPO Ferias y Exposiciones, 17 y 190, Siboney
ph.: 215513, 210785, fax 219065, 228382

...Auto rental


Main Office, ph.: 242104, 241718, 337722
Int. Airport, ph.: 335546
Main Office, ph.: 332891, 332369
Int. Airport, ph.: 452175, 452413, 451746
Main Office, ph.: 242444, 558880, fax 558787, fax 248349
Int. Airport Terminal 2 - 330758, Terminal 3 - 330333
Nacional Rent a Car
Main Office, ph.: 810357, 339780, 339781
Int. Airport, ph.: 335130
Main Office, ph.: 553298, fax 555657
Int. Airport, ph.: 330306 - 07
Main Office, ph.: 339160; fax 339159 (new Audi and Mercedes!)
Main Office, ph.: 245532, 245765, fax 244057
Hotel Capri: ph.: 334038, 334066
Int. Airport, ph.: 335763 till -65

Many of the listed rental businesses operate in the hotels.

Museo de la Ciudad

Obispo corner Plaza de Armas, Habana Vieja
Exhibitions of Havana's interesting culture and history
Museo de la Revolucion
Agramonte corner Cuarteles, Habana Vieja
Don't miss this huge building which accomodates many original objects, documents, paintings, pictures and interesting memoirs from the revolution and the time leading up to it.
Casa de Africa
Obrapía No. 157, Habana Vieja - Afro-cuban Exhibition
Museo de Artes Decorativas
Calle 17 corner E, Vedado
Accommodating more than 33000 exhibits from the time of Luis XV, Luis XVI and Napoleon III as well as
Oriental Art from 1600 - 2000.
Teatro Garcia Lorca
Paseo de Martí No. 458, Habana Vieja, ph.: 613078
Daily tours revealing one of Havana's finest theaters. Evening performances.
Fortress de San Carlos de la Cabana
On the hill opposite the old city every evening at 9.00 PM a canon shot is fired. This used to indicate the closing of the city gates. It is an interesting ceremony in traditional costume.
Casa Natal de Jose Marti
Leonor Pérez 314 between Picota u. Egido, Habana Vieja,
ph.: 613778 - Cuba's greatest folk hero was born in this house where documents, photos and personal belongings are on show.
Maqueta de La Habana
Calle 28, No. 113 between 1ra u. 3ra, Miramar, ph.: 332661, 225506 - here you can view the as original, realistic, replica of the city spread over 88qm.


Gran Teatro de la Habana

Paseo de Martí No. 458, Habana Vieja, ph.: 613078
Renowned theater with performances from the Alice Alonso Ballet Company, a must!
Teatro Julio Antonio Mella
Linea 657, Vedado, ph.: 35651
Musicals are peformed here
Teatro Hubert de Blanck
Calzada No. 654 between A u. B, Vedado, ph.: 35962
Teatro Karl Marx
Avenida 1ra No. 1010, Miramar, ph.: 230801, 291991
Most of the big music events, sometimes with international artists.
Teatro Nacional de Cuba
Paseo and 39, Vedado, ph.: 793558, 796011
Teatro Amadeo Roldan
Calzada 512 / D, Vedado, ph.: 321168

Fundación Ludwig
Calle 13 No. 509, Vedado, ph.: 333588
La Acacia
San José between Industria and Consulado, Centro Habana,
ph.: 39364
Centro Wilfredo Lam
San Ignacio 22 corner of Empedrado, Habana Vieja,
ph.: 612096
Galería Los Oficios

Oficios 166 between Amargura and Teniente Rey, Habana Vieja. Dedicated to the artist Nelson Dominguez.
Arte Bell
Chacón No. 205 between Aguacate and Compostela, Habana Vieja, ph.: 626188
Obispo No. 465 between Villegas and Aguacate, Habana Vieja, ph.: 636795


El Floridita - Cuna del Daiquiri
Obispo No. 557, Habana Vieja, ph.: 631060, 631111
One of Hemmingway's favorite bars, top choice of daiquiris and a great kitchen.
La Bodeguita del Medio
Empedrado No. 207, Habana Vieja, ph.: 624498, 618442
Famous Hemmingway drinking hole, usually very crowded.
Calle 72 and Línea de Ferrocarril, Marianao, ph.: 270110, 279147 - Tues - Sun a spectacular dance show in a place that has not lost it's magic over the decades. Reservation is recommended. Entry costs USD 65-95.
Hotel Nacional
Calle O corner of 21, Vedado, ph.: 333564 till -67
Just like yesterday, a haven for film stars, musicians and politicians. Perhaps the most beautiful hotel in Havana with an exotic show held in Cabaret Parisién.
Hotel Inglaterra
Prado No. 416, between San Rafael and Neptuno, Habna Vieja Graham Greene, the well-known crime fiction author was a popular guest in Inglaterra; this inspired him to write his famous spy novel, "Our Man in Havana".
Museo Hemingway Finca Vigia
ph.: 910809, San Francisco de Paula - 15 km from Havana
Hemmingway's former Finca from 1939-61, almost all of it in original condition - for fans a must! Tues closed.
Hotel Ambos Mundos
Calle Obispo No. 135 corner of Mercaderes, Habana Vieja
The author lived here for years in room 511, still with its original utensils it is open for viewing.


Casa de la Cultura Habana Vieja
Calle Aguiar 509, ph.: 634860,
Weds, Tues, Fri, Sat - concerts
Casa de la Cultura de la Plaza
Calzada 909, esq. Calle 8, Vedado, ph.: 309403
Casa de la Amistad
Paseo 406 e corner 17 y 19, Vedado, ph.: 302468,
Weds, Sat - concerts
Casa de la Musica (Egrem)
Calle 20 y 35, Miramar, ph.: 240447
concerts, disco, salsa
Casa de la Trova
Calle San Lázaro e corner Gervasio y Belascoaín, Centro Habana
Fri - concerts
Cafe Cantante Mi Habana
Paseo y 39, Vedado, ph.: 796011, 793558,
concerts, disco, salsa
Dos Gardenias -Rincón del Bolero-
7ma y 26, Playa, ph.: 242353, 249662,
restaurant, concerts
Salon Rosado Benny More - La Tropical
Avenida 41 y 42, Playa, ph.: 290985, 235322,
Weds, Sat - concerts, also disco, salsa
Macumba Habana
Calle 222 esq. a 37, La Coronela, La Lisa, ph.: 330568/69
disco, salsa and international music, Mon - fashion show, Tues - concerts
Copa Room - Hotel Riviera, ph.: 334051
Former Palacio de la Salsa which is now restored to its former origin, the 50s Cabaret Copa Room with regular concerts and shows.
Rio Club
Calle A314, Marianao, ph.: 293389 - show and disco, international and salsa music
La Cecilia
Quinta Avenida y 110, Miramar, ph.: 241562
Tues - Sun - disco, concerts, restaurant
Salon Rojo
near hotel Capri, Calle 21 corner of N, Vedado, ph.: 333571, 333572 - disco, international salsa music
El Morro

The two famous open-air discos are closed. Occasionally at Christo a spontaneous Salsa dance takes place.
Habana Club Disco
Hotel Comodoro, 84 y Ave. 1ra, Marianao, ph.: 242902
International disco.
Club Ipanema
Hotel Copacabana, Ave. 1ra e corner 44 y 46, Miramar,
ph.: 24103 - disco, international and salsa music
Habana Cafe
near hotel Meliá Cohiba, Paseo y 1ra., Vedado, ph.: 333636
restaurant, concerts, disco, international and salsa music
Cabaret Turquino
In Hotel Havana Libre, Calle L, Vedado, ph.: 334011
Disco and Concerts, spectacular: when the electric roof over the dance floor opens up and one can gaze at the stars.
La Zorra y el Cuervo
Calle 23 #155, Vedado, ph.: 662402 - Jazz club, concerts
Jazz Cafe
1ra y Paseo, Vedado, ph.: 553556 - Jazz-club, concerts
Daytime and evenings also a restaurant with bar.
Palacio de la Artesania
Calle Cuba No. 64, Habana Vieja, ph.: 338072
Sat, Sun, show and concerts.
La Maison
Calle 16 No. 701 corner 7ma, Miramar, ph.: 241550
Tues- Mon - show, live music, fashion shows - beautiful old villa with garden.

Shops and Bars recommended for Cigar Aficionados