A taxi from the International Airport Jose Martí to the center of Havana costs approx. 20-25,00 Pesos Convertibles. A taxi from Havana to the Playas del Este costs around 20-25,00 Pesos and about 70,00 to Varadero. The airport for domestic flights is near the international airport.

CAR RENTAL                Cuba
You can book your car with us. Drivers must be over 18 years old and have had to be in possession of a driver's lisence for at least one year.

Should not be bought on the street. Hawkers usually offer forgeries. You can find cigar shops in almost any city.

The Cuban climate is mild subtropical. With it's warm year-around tempertures one can travel to Cuba during every season.

The climate chart shows the official data. Take note that on rainy days showers can be short and that the sky quickly clears again.The Eastern region enjoys a warmer weather than the western.

Light summer clothing is recommended. A dress code applies to cabarets, night clubs and other establishments. But suit and tie are not compulsory. When traveling during the winter months you should bring a sweater or jacket. It can get cool in the evenings.

The offical currency is the Peso Convertible, 1 € = 1,17 USD.
You can exchange Euros, Canadian Dollars, and Suiss Francs for Pesos Convertibles. You can withdraw money with a credit card as long as it is not issued from an American Bank, i.e. American Express, Citibank, Diners Club. This works usually best at the CADECA exchange office, presenting your passport and credit card - a PIN number is then not necesary. With the PIN it is possible to wuthdraw money at the terminals in Havana and Varadero. Automated teller mashines are mostly to be found in tourist centers, where you can withdraw cash 24/7 using your PIN. When exchanging US-Dollars into Pesos Convertibles a surcharge of 10% will be elevated. When arriving at the airport we recommend to exchange some money into Peso Convertible and to exchange it back before leaving Cuba. Attention: Credit cards issued by US-banks are not accepted. As well as American Express traveler's checks and European EC-Cards. Address of central credit card bureau in Havana.


Visitors are required to have a passport that is still valid for six months when entering Cuba. Children must have a passport with a photo. A tourist visa (tourist entry card) is necessary for entry. It is valid for 30 days. Tourist visas are issued at the Cuban Embassy or you can request it from us with your reservation arrangements. Visa and travel documents will be posted to you by conventional mail. Note: Only valid for some european countries. We cannot email or fax the visa to you, so allow for postal time or apply for one at the Cuban Embassy. Business travellers and journalists need a special visa and contacts in Cuba will be a prerequisite. Visas are issued by the Cuban Embassy in your country. Visas can be extended in Cuba. Airport Departure Tax is compulsory - 25 Peso Convertible. Note: US-Americans have special applications to enter Cuba.

Cuba is one of the safest countries to travel in Latin America but please still guard against petty theft such as pick pocketing. If something should ever happen, go to the next police station.

Personal belongings and personal devices are permitted at entry. Sports items, for e.g., bicyles, surfboards etc. must be registered on arrival and must be taken back out again. Entry with Pesos and food items is prohibited. Dutyfree allowance to Germany: 200 zigarettes, 50 cigars or 250g tobacco and 2 bottles of spirits. As this counts for Germany we recommend to check with your local customs office.

The voltage is 110V, in a few hotels also 220V. For most electrical appliances a normal American plug is sufficent, but pack an adaptor as they are hard to get by in Cuba.

Cuban Embassy
10439 Berlin, Stavangerstr. 20, Tel. 030-44737023
Cuban Embassy and Consulate Division
53175 Bonn, Kennedyallee 22-24, Tel. 0228-3090 /91
Cuban Embassy - Representatives for Switzerland
3012 Bern, Gesellschaftsstr. 8, Tel. 031-3022111
Cuban Embassy - Representatives for Austria
1130 Wien, Himmelhofgasse 40 a-c, Tel. 0222-8772159
Representatives in Cuba

Extra services are services for which the tour operator cannot be held responsible for. These are generally excursions like day trips, hiking and sports events. These must be booked at their location and are not offered as part of your travel package. We generally recommend taking out a traveler's insurance for these and other requirements like medical care etc.

Typical Cuban food is meals of meat or chicken in various rice dishes, beans, Tostones (fried banana slices) and Bonaito (sweet potatoe) and Yucca. The local coffee is strong and comes mostly sweetened; European coffees like cappucino and Café au Lait are also available. Specialties are seafood, crayfish, prawns, shrimp and fish, which are served in varying forms. There are also Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese restaurants and steak houses. Wine tastings are held, for example, in the Bodega de Vino in the complex Giraldilla. Cocktails are available in all possible varieties, common are the Mojito, Daiquiri and Cuba Libre. Beer is lighter and is often served ice cold. Beers like Hatuey, Bucanero, and imported beers like Heineken are more aromatic.

Population: 11,2 Mio.
Capital city Havana: 2,2 Mio.
Santiago de Cuba: 473 000
Holguin: 304 000
Pinar del Rio: 186 000
Language: Spanish; in the tourist areas English and in some cases French and German is spoken.

Cuba is free of malaria and epidemics in general but we recommend immunization against tetanus, diphteria, and hepatitis and to speak to your doctor regarding any prophylactic measures before travelling. For all general concerns contact the Health Services for advice from doctors with experience in tropical medicine, or contact the Tropical Diseases Information Service or the Health department of your local government branch for information about immunization.

Medical assistance and prescription medicine must be paid for directly by the patient and therefore it is recommended to close a health insurance for travels before leaving your country of residence.

In most of the hotels in larger towns and vacation regions also in internet cafés you can go online using the Internet for 3-6 Peso Convertible per hour.

The health service for Latin American standards is very good but it's hard to get certain medicines. For personal usage it is advisable to bring and carry with you what you will need for the trip. Addresses for the international pharmacy and clinic in Havana are listed in our addresses. In case of illness contact the international clinics in the cities. Prescription medicine and medical bills must be paid for at consultation. It is recommended to close a health insurance for travels before leaving your country of residence.

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