CUBA STAR TRAVEL offers individual and group travel to the most worthwhile and beautiful sightseeing places of Cuba
Are you passionate about horse riding or diving?
We'll show you the best spots and regions in Cuba and add a whole new dimension to your sport.
So you've got the Salsa fever! Or you want to talk in Spanish?
We offer workshops to fulfil your dreams.
You're a cigar lover?
We'll take you to the heartland of Cuba's tobacco industry, the Vuelta Abajo, and you'll learn all about the Havana cigar.
You want a hotel in Cuba that is comfortable, centrally located and has that hint of nostalgia attached?
We offer an assortment of hotels in varying price categories adding that special touch to your trip.

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We are regularly in Cuba, know what's happening and are always on the outlook for things that interest and stimulate our customers. We are constantly updating our agenda. Especially with our online booking service, we are able to offer excellent cost efficient packages.
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Compay Segundo
The former 92 year-old Compay Segundo, who gave a concert in Casa de la Amistad in Havana, couldn't help but expressed his joy by dancing with the tourists!
Fascinating Cuba

Cuba is very impressive in a cultural and historical sense but most of all it will knock you out with its unspoiled rural regions, unconceivable in many places you travel to nowadays.

Nowadays Cuba is more frequently found on a travellers map since the worldwide boom of the music of the Buena Vista Social Club and one of it's members Compay Segundo. It is also known as a famous holiday spot for sun worshippers who relax at the white, fine beaches of Varadero. But this is really only a tiny facet of what Cuba has to offer.

Cuba is undergoing change: but Cuba still boasts impressing elegance with its colonial palaces, old buildings and historical grounds. The culture and architecture reflects the nostalgic feeling of a city, La Habana, in the 1940's known as the "Paris of the Caribbean". It is changing slowly but surely into a modern holiday spot. Whoever still sees Cuba as a journey back in time should travel now!

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