!1 All international travelers (Cubans or foreigners) arriving in the country must present a health passport or an international certificate of anti-COVID-19 vaccines certified by the appropriate regulatory authorities.

2. all travelers who cannot present a health passport or international certificate of anti-COVID-19 vaccination must present a negative RT-PCR certificate for COVID-19 upon arrival at least 72 hours prior to travel. This certification must be performed in a certified laboratory in the country of origin.

3. children under 12 years of age, regardless of nationality, are exempt from presenting a vaccination schedule or RT-PCR test upon arrival in Cuba.

4. epidemiological surveillance of international health control will be maintained at all points of entry (ports, airports and marinas).

5. presentation of an Affidavit of Health will be required from all entrants.

6. the wearing of the nasobuco or mask is mandatory in the air and port terminals and throughout the country.

7. airlines require passengers to show proof of a vaccination regimen or negative RT-PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to departure in order to board.

8. international health screening personnel will randomly collect a sample for RT-PCR testing at the airport.

9. all international travelers entering the country through any point of entry and exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or other communicable disease will be referred to a designated health facility for this purpose, where a PCR-RT test will be performed.

10. epidemiological surveillance of tourists in hotel facilities will be maintained during their stay in the country; to this end, medical assistance will be strengthened by providing basic medical equipment to make international tourism safer. trustworthy.

11. owners of rental accommodations or persons hosting foreign travelers in the country are responsible for immediately notifying the appropriate health authorities of the occurrence of any symptoms they exhibit.

(12) Community health departments shall conduct epidemiological surveillance of tourists staying in private accommodations and shall require them to report to health authorities when signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 appear.

13. for Cuban travelers staying in the country, the obligation is restored to present themselves in the family doctor's office or in the health area within a maximum of 48 hours after their arrival, with the family doctor performing a follow-up check.

14. all Cuban travelers who are in the country and who have not been vaccinated must provide a sample for SARS-CoV-2 antigen testing on the seventh day after their arrival at their health area and, if they present symptoms, will be treated as a suspected case.

PCR test for return travel
If you need to bring a COVID-19 test with you when you return to your country of origin, you can do so for $30 USD at the medical facilities listed below:
Havana: Siboney International Clinic International Clinic Camilo Cienfuegos Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kourí" IPK In the rest of the country: In the territorial branches of the Cuban Medical Service (SMC).
In the case of tourists who stay in hotel facilities and need this RT-PCR test for their return to the country of origin, they can request it from the medical staff of the facility where they are staying, preferably upon arrival at that facility. Payment for the test will be made by credit card.

We would like to remind you that Cuban banks and financial institutions have temporarily stopped accepting cash deposits in US currency since last June. If you wish to take cash, it must be in one of the currencies traded in the Cuban banking system e.g. EUR, GBP, CAD and others, with the exception of USD. International credit cards are still accepted in Cuba, with the exception of American Express and Diners Club.

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