When you book with CUBA STAR TRAVEL, you make the booking automatically via a SSL connection. You can recognize this by the small padlock icon in your browser window. Consequently all transactions are protected through this highly efficient SSL Secure Sockets Layer. SSL encodes all data that is required on our reservation page and guarantees protection and privacy for our customers.

When paying for your travel arrangements
we offer you money order by bank transfer using the international IBAN and/or BIC code with your SEPA (European) or SWIFT (International) money order; by credit card (VISA and MASTER CARD).

To secure your personal travel arrangements
and to enjoy a trouble free holiday we recommend a travel cancellation insurance, a medical insurance or luggage insurance with an Insurance provider in your country.
As a company we, in return, are insured to guarantee that your travel arrangements (consisting at least of two combined arrangements i.e. travel package) will be covered even in case of insolvency. This insurance covers all our customers and is issued by the R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG of Germany.

Confidentiality is important and we make every effort to respect the privacy of our customer.

We work strictly under this confidentiality code to guarantee privacy of data.

Your data will not be forwarded to another agent. We do not trade our client's data, we do not permit pollster access and we do not release client's addresses. Why do we mention this? We recommend you take a good look in the terms of travel of other firms.

We only require and ask for information that enables CUBA STAR TRAVEL to conduct the business of organizing your travel plans, or to inform you of new services and features available on request.

Simple, smooth running bookings - without involving registration of passwords and login procedures.

If you have any queries please mail us at