Learn in an atmosphere and surroundings that seem to be naturally made for Salsa, from your first steps right through advanced turns. Even seasoned dancers will learn new steps and can immerse themselves in the rhythm of Cuba´s Salsa! Havana has the largest Salsa scene, the most concerts in Cuba and is bursting with the irresistible charm and joie de vivre of the Cubans.

Salsa in Cuba
Gilberto and Natasha, with many years of dance experience as dance teachers, are in charge of the lessons. They make sure that everyone from beginners to advanced are taught at their appropriate level.

The Workshops
are held in the afternoon on the huge terrace overlooking the roofs of Havana´s old city. The view stretches over historic buildings, streets, lanes and Havana´s bay. As an alternative to the terrace we also have a dance studio. Students can participate as pairs or Cuban dance partners are available.

Cuba Salsa-Workshops
Salsa-Workshops in Cuba
Havana Nightlife
The city has numerous cultural centers. Enjoy clubs, discos and live concerts of Salsa in full swing. Even on the beaches of Playa del Este, you´ll find small live groups playing on the beach or in the bars and you´ll rarely see Cubans sitting still in their chairs. Here the people are born with rhythm in their blood and to really experience some of this you should get into the nightlife.
The famous stars of Cuba give concerts regularly, either in small groups like Company Segundo, or to name a few top bands, Los Van Van (simply fabulous live), Paulo F.G, Isaac Delgado and the Charange Habanera.

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