Diver´s Paradise Cuba

The diving region encompasses north of the Gulf of Mexico to the south Caribbean. This is an unspoiled underwater world, one of the most beautiful and interesting regions with a coastline stretching for almost 6000 km.
The wide variety of underwater world seascapes, caves, tunnels and sunken ships on one of the largest coral reefs in the world invite adventure. You are able to see rays, barracudas, sharks, moray eels, many shellfish, mollusks and tropical fish.

We have chosen two especially interesting places from all the excellent dives available in Cuba, Maria La Gorda in the west and the island Isla de Juventud in the archipelago del los Canarreos. Both dives come highly recommended and are suitable for beginners and advanced.

Diver´s Paradise Cuba

The center and villa complex is situated on the western tip of the south coast near the Yucatan strait of Mexico. Historically, this region was a meeting point and harbour for Corsairs and pirates and there are still can be seen parts of sunken galleons, anchors and canons. The distance from Havana to Maria La Gorda is approx. 160 kms and will take about 3-4 hours to reach.

As many as 26 dive sites will be approached where you will be diving in crystal clear water in depths of between 8-40m. Excellent dives are the cave Salon Maria at 25ms of depth, and the Valley of Black Coral with its 30m outstretched coral reef. For beginners we recommend the Ancla del Pirata - Pirates Anchor at a depth of 15 meters.

Dive season is all year round at an average water temperature of 24°C and visibilty up to 40m.

The complex is situated at the beach, which stretches for 8 km in total. A fully equipped dive center, two boats with emergency gear, oxygen and transmitters are at disposal for the guests. Diving trips start from the marina of the complex which is in very close walking distance to the bungalows or main house.

Hotel: 55 rooms, partly with sea view, 20 rooms in wooden bungalows, air conditioning, bad, shower, TV, minibar. Amenities: restaurant, bar, shop with daily necessities, medical help and car rental are available.

We recommend trips to Pinar del Rio with its famous tobacco factory, or the picturesque Valley of Vinales where tobacco plantations and the mountains make a beautiful contrast.

ATTENTION: Currently there is light construction of new wodden bungalows underway. Estimated until October.

Both of the international dive centers provide professional staff and concentrate on the safety and comfort of their guests.

It's not only our wishl to bring you closer to the underwater world of Cuba but to also support the development of dive sports and the respect and protection of our maritime life and its surroundings.

Once known as the famous Parrot Island, was used to hide the treasure of sea pirates by the likes of, Sir Francis Drake, John Hawkins and the notorious Henry Morgan. This inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write his famous book "Treasure Island". On the island Punta del Este there are cave drawings by the once native Taino Indians. Many turtles, lizards and pelicans live on the smaller eastern cluster of islands.


The journey to the dive center El Colony starts with the flight from Havana to the islands airport in Nueva Gerona. We recommend to just take a taxi cab to the Hotel El Colony or otherwise reserve a transfer. The dive center is fully equipped and offers rental equipment. Included are the daily shuttles to the nearby marina of the hotel, further on by boat to the Cape Punta Francés from where all dive sites are to be reached. This spot boasts a nice beach and snorkel area, very recommendable for attendes who do not scuba dive.

There are 56 places to dive, ranging in depth from 8-40m.
Some are known for their sumptuos underwater valleys, tunnels and canals with over 40 kinds of coral life, including the rare black coral.

Dive season is all year round
at an average water temperature of 24°C. Visibility in between 30-40m is excellent with calm waters in the region, undisturbed from waves.

: main building with 53 rooms, 24 bungalows (some on two levels), air conditioning, shower/toilet, telephone, TV, room service. Amenities: bar, restaurant, cafeteria, grill, swimming pool, souvenir shop, disco, tennis court, squash, volleyball.

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