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Your passion for travels and activities will be greatly rewarded when deciding for Cuba! The island with almost 110.000 square kilometers in size, close to 7000 kilometers of coastline and the Caribbean metropolis Havana boasts with offers for active visitors.

Enjoy active holidays

If you are an active person and want to keep up with exercise or would like to learn something new and exciting in Cuba, the island provides for a whole range of activities.

The geographical landscape with difference in altitude, the Pico Turquino with 1974 m height being the tallest, invites to explore Mother Nature. Hiking trails in the east like in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Alexander von Humboldt National Park or horse riding in the UNESCO biosphere reserve Sierra del Rosario in the west of the island, both offer stunning natural reserves. We take you there.
On the coastline of Cuba swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving is a preferred pastime. Some dive spots lure with sunken ships and old galeons of the past. Sailing on your own charter or an organized sailing cruise will anchor at islands in the pristine seas of the Caribbean. A more demanding sport like kitesurfing, also know as kiteboarding, is great during the winter period with more steady winds.

Even Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara were playing golf one day. Well, this had been done more for a photo shooting but passionate golfers will have a splendid time either in Havana or at the more recommendable golf course in Varadero. We organize trips and tours for your passion.
Bike trips in the city of Havana or tours of several days show the scope of the city and the countryside , either with natural power or by e-bike.
Running along the Malecón, the seaside promenade of Havana, is one of the most spectacular sights for runners in all of Cuba. Old buildings with arches, the hustle and bustle of the city and the wide open sea are an unforgettable impression. In November the marathon takes place where runners of many countries are seen to participate.
Well, Cuba without Salsa would not be Cuba - never. As salsa dancing is associated with Cuba, it definitely will bring you closer to the Cuban people. As one of the most pleasureable activities on the island, we help you with your first steps of the Cuban style or classes for intermediate and professionals. Take a chance!


Guided e-bike tour around the great bay to the lesser known district of Regla with church of Santería religion.

Duration 1 Day
Guide English
Start/End Havana
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The stud farm of Finca Guabina is the location for unforgettable rides in the nature. A lake at the finca invites for swimming and boat trips.

Duration 7 Days
Guide English
Start/End Pinar del Rio
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A trip that lets you experience Cuba up close. Experience the metropolis of Havana, nature parks and colonial ambience in an enjoyable way.

Duration 14 Days
Guide English
Start/End Havana, Viñales, Soroa – Sierra del Rosario, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Varadero, Havana
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Cuba with all senses

Cuba certainly is not only Rum and Cigars – it is full of stars of cultural explosions. Immerse yourself in the abundance of Cuban culture, in the capital Havana, in cities and regions throughout the country.

Discover more than 500 years of culture of the modern world, traces of the indigenious Taíno from long before that and zoom into todays photography and digital art. Cuba, the gem of the Caribbean.

Cuba for us is No. 1 in the Caribbean!

Experience the astounding richness of culture that Cuba and its people has to offer. Be it the traditional hospitality and Cuban gastronomy or the variety of street artists of all sorts, when strolling through town in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad.

Take pleasure in high-class visual arts like architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, graphics and photography. The capital Havana offers 500 years of architecture, including the Art Deco style. The amount of artists in painting, sculpture and graphics is astounding, newest developments include digital art. Visit the workshops of artists or the galleries spread throughout the city. Our excursions and trips will give you insight knowledge.
Considering museums, the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana and Casa Diego Velázquez in Santiago de Cuba, later one build in the year 1519, are certainly two highlights on the map.

Enjoy the performing arts in opera, theater and vaudeville, classical ballet, modern dance and performances. Theaters build in the lavish architecture of the 19th century display performances of the classic and modern arts, the buildings itself would be described as a highlight, like the Gran Teatro Nacional in Havana.
Nightlife a la Tropicana – vocal artists, bigband sound, dance and acrobatics attract to the world famous Cabaret. We are the pleasure organizers, let’s go!

A specific section in all of this must be the art of conservation of the great classic American Cars of the 50s. Lovingly maintained, these fortunately still determine the streetscape of the cities.

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