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Principles, values

We love people who are curious about their path

And want to discover and enjoy the special and beautiful things in life in their own way. The focus of our actions is the person and the needs of our international guests. We offer an authentic and unique travel experience, from which our guests return relaxed and enriched by new experiences.

Sustainable tourism in Cuba

Is the basis of our actions in all areas of the company. The involvement of the locals and sustainable tourism projects are the prerequisites for long-term success. We do not want mass processing. We focus on individuality. We expect cordiality, enthusiasm and interest in the country and its people from our customers as well as from our employees. The well-being of our families, friends and partners in Cuba is very important to us. With our company we support a network of Cuban small entrepreneurs throughout the country.

We do not want to be mass-produced

Instead we focus on individual high quality travel offers and individual advice close to the customer.

We are connected to nature and people

Tourism in harmony with people and nature is an overriding goal for us, which we implement in all our trips and services in the best possible way. This means above all to minimize negative impacts on people and the environment. In addition, we recommend our customers to compensate for their CO2 emissions in order to offset the climate-damaging effect of long-distance travel.

Project CreArte

The socio-cultural community project "CreArte" of the provincial capital Pinar del Rio was initiated by the local dean of the university, Prof. Dr. Juan Silvio Cabrera Albet (when?) and promotes playful learning through expressive painting in the first two grades of school. The Council of Casas de Cultura of the Province of Pinar del Rio supervises the project, organizes events as well as exhibitions of the children's artistic results.
We were able to support the purchase of art materials such as paints, brushes and paper through financial donations. Right now, after the pandemic, we will support the hardly available materials in the country with our own supply of materials. For guests who plan to travel with us to the west of the island, we are happy to organize a visit to this project in the provincial capital of Pinar del Rio.

Climate-conscious travel

Climate compensation of travel We support the projects of atmosfair What does the practice look like?

We like to travel to distant countries to get to know the country and its people, to discover the local flora and fauna, to hike them or simply to relax. There are many good reasons to travel and often the journey by plane cannot be avoided. However, we should always think of our climate and compensate for the resulting CO2 pollution.

atmosfair climate protection projects not only save CO₂, but also promote sustainable development through technology transfer and poverty reduction. Currently, atmosfair generates 90% of CO₂ savings according to the CDM Gold Standard, the most stringent standard available for climate protection projects. atmosfair also develops Gold Standard Microscale micro-projects to tap into new technologies and countries where the conditions for larger projects are not yet in place. These projects will never account for more than 10% of the savings generated by atmosfair.

Customers who make a flight booking with us can offset their CO₂ consumption on a voluntary basis; the CO₂ calculator is available for this purpose. No matter how high the voluntary compensation is, whether 100% or 50%, everything counts to improve the global standard. The amount calculated or provided by the passenger is settled separately by us as trustee for atmosfair. Monthly payments of the accumulated amounts are made to atmosfair to support climate protection projects. Our travel programs, which include a domestic flight in Cuba, are calculated by us in principle with the compensation to the CO₂ - consumption, so that these flights are compensated.

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