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Cuba Visa - The Tourist Card

The tourist card is the entry visa in Cuba and must be presented by adults, children and infants. The tourist card entitles the holder to a stay of 30 days and is stamped and dated by the authorities upon entry.

Filling in after acquiring the tourist card

Care should be taken to fill in the card in block letters and not to make any improvements, e.g. crossed out words, otherwise the authorities will insist on the purchase of a new tourist card. Unused tourist cards do expire in between 6 months and can be used for entry during this time. Unfortunately, tourist cards cannot be returned by us.

Order Cuba Tourist Card

You can order the tourist card when booking our travel services at the price of EUR 28.00 per card. Please note: We do not require copies of passport, airline ticket or foreign travel health insurance as proof. Of course, you can also order the tourist card without booking travel services.

Buy tourist cards online

You can also order the tourist card online against prepayment WITHOUT a travel booking: Contact

from 3x tourist cards

EUR 28,00 per card

2x tourist cards

EUR 35,00 per card

1x tourist card

EUR 40,00

Shipping PRICE
Registered mail Europe

EUR 6,00

Express DHL Germany

EUR 25,00

Express DHL European Union

EUR 58,00

Express Rest of Europe and North America

EUR 68,00


What is a tourist card?

A tourist card is the entry visa for tourists and is valid for 30 days.

Which countries need a visa for Cuba?

Tourists from all countries entering Cuba require a visa, called a tourist card.

Where to buy tourist card for Cuba?

Tourist cards can be applied for at the Consulate of the Embassy of Cuba or through the sales department directly with us as a licensed tour operator.

Can I fill in the tourist card or business visa online?

No. An online service for tourist cards or business visas is not offered, only as a printed document.

Do I need a visa or a tourist card for Cuba?

An official visa is necessary for business trips to Cuba and must be applied for directly at the consulate of the Embassy of Cuba. For tourists, the tourist card is provided with a validity of up to 30 days.

How much is the visa for Cuba?

The cost of a visa for business travel to Cuba is determined by the Embassy of Cuba and should be inquired there.

How much is the tourist card for Cuba?

The cost of a tourist card when purchased directly at the consulate of the embassy is about EUR 25.00 plus about EUR 15.00 for each person who is not directly present to pick up the tourist card. The cost of easy ordering through us by mail is staggered; details on this page.

How long is the tourist card for Cuba valid?

The tourist card is valid for 30 days in the country. Tourists who are in the country for more than 30 days can purchase a tourist card locally for a maximum of another 30 days from the immigration authorities. Attention: even in case of departure on the 31st day, a new tourist card is necessary.

How to fill in the tourist card for Cuba?

On the tourist card data from the passport are entered. For a service fee, we will make the entry for you. Generally, we send a completion guide with the purchased tourist cards.

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